Breyten Sykes

An Artificer fascinated by devices and other worlds, experienced beyond his years.


Breyten Sykes is an Artificer, particularly skilled in the construction of animated magical constructs. A human around 30 years old, he has the enthusiasm and excitement of a younger man, but the wisdom of one much older. His name is a common one in Aundair, though his looks are slightly Cyrean and his accent oddly neutral. When asked, he describes himself as being from “lots of places”, and certainly his knowledge of Khorvaire is that of someone who has travelled extensively: broad, but not deep.

After visiting other colleges in Breland, Thrane and Aundair, Breyten came to the University of Wynarn in Fairhaven to study planar travel, a particular obsession among his many arcane interests. It was there that Breyten met Alestair in an adventure both of them will gladly recount. The two became firm friends and have travelled together for some time, each helping the other stay alive: Breyten studies his friend’s magical illness, while Alestair uses arms to extract Breyten from the trouble his mouth too often gets them both into.

Breyten is searching, that much is certain; when his enthusiasm ebbs he has the look of many post war, of someone who has lost much. But while he clearly yearns for something, he seems able to forget his past and revel in his current adventures as a freelance arcane advisor. Accordingly, he doesn’t like to talk about his past before he met Alestair, and most people respect that; there’s no shortage of people who prefer to leave the war behind them. For now, he is content to take whatever work seems interesting – especially if it might offer insight into his best friend’s illness.

Breyten Sykes

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