No one asks to save the world.

The year is 998 YK. One year since the dust settled on the Last War, the five nations of Khorvaire remain in a tense accord of peace. But something old, powerful and dark is stirring in Eberron.

This is tale of a band of travellers not searching for glory, or riches, or fame. But for whom difficult choices will come, and the fate of Eberron may well rest on those choices.

Meet our unlikely heroes:

Tallien thumbnail Tallien Dorian Davandi, a gnome in the employ of House Orien, with a growing reputation for removing obstacles to progress with great expediency. Quiet whispers say he is not a man to be crossed, despite his business-like demeanour.
Rift thumbnail Rift, an enigmatic shifter whose past straddles two worlds, who carries much of the Feywild with her. Rift wields the raw power of the cosmos as a deadly weapon, and is brother to…
Flint thumbnail Flint, a broadly traveled shifter whose Warden-lore and survival instincts (not to mention his skill with a really big axe) have brought the attention of Tallien and his employers. Flint seeks to protect the Eldeen Reaches from threats natural and supernatural, drawing upon the primal forces of nature.
Calanon thumbnail Calanon, a mysterious Khoravar (half-elf) who travels to find himself. While most know him as having an exceptionally measured temperament, an unfortunate few have seen a glimmer of the rage that burns within him.
Breyton thumbnail Breyten Sykes, an Artificer fascinated by magical constructs and planar knowledge, with a thirst for adventure that belies his age, and a depth of experience seemingly beyond his years. He doesn’t like to talk about the war. Breyton is fiercely loyal to and travelling companion of…
Alestair thumbnail Sir Alestair Desekane, a Paladin of the Silver Flame and veteran of the Last War. Alestair contracted a magical illness during the war, likely as a result of experimental weapons used by Karrnath during the Battle of Shadukar. Alestair now searches for a cure to the disease slowly killing him, aided by Breyten.

New to the world of Eberron?

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About the world of Eberron Ten facts about Eberron that make it unique as a setting, some basic geography and a recent history of the nations of Khorvaire.
The Dragonmarked Houses A brief description of each of the dragonmarked houses of Khorvaire

An Ill Wind Blows

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