Dragonmarked Houses

There are thirteen recognised dragonmarked houses in Khorvaire. Each started as a banding together of families or clans who shared a common dragonmark – a magical tattoo that typically manifests on its bearer as they near adulthood. Because a particular dragonmark will provide certain powers, this gives each House distinct benefits in a particular domain.

The distinction between the Houses and the power that nobility hold over the Five Nations is made clearer by the Korth Edicts, which prevent the Houses from ruling their own lands. The Houses are still forces to be reckoned with though, and can bring influence to bear on the decisions of rulers.

96px dragonmarked house coa deneith  House Deneith Primarily humans. The Mark of Sentinel.

House Deneith provides Khorvaire’s premium bodyguards, and mercenary troops throughout the Last War to all sides. It also houses the Sentinel Marshals, who are one of the few agencies authorised to track down criminals across national borders. House Deneith is the strongest House militarily, but House Tharashk’s provision of troops from the Shadow Marches and Droaam edges the two houses toward open competition.

The Throne Wardens who guard Thronehold, the empty citadel at the center of Khorvaire, are House Deneith soldiers.

While House Deneith is politically neutral, the majority of its members are Karrnathi, and the history of the House is strongly tied to Karrnath. The main enclave of the house, Sentinel Tower (which is older than the nation of Karrnath itself) is located in Karrnath just across the river from the Mournland.

98px dragonmarked house coa gallanda  House Ghallanda Primarily halflings. The Mark of Hospitality.

House Ghallanda maintains and licenses inn, restaurants and other establishments providing respite across Khorvaire. The House Ghallanda crest displayed by an establishment can be relied up as a sign of distinction. House Ghallanda’s enclaves can provide refuge for wronged parties looking to escape local authorities, but this is best used with discretion – abusing their sanctuary can result in earning the ire of the house.

House Ghallanda originated in the Talenta Plains, but has holdings across Khorvaire. The house’s center of power is Gatherhold, located on the eastern shore of Lake Cyre.

87px jorasco  House Jorasco Primarily halflings. The Mark of Healing.

House Jorasco provided non-combatant healers to all sides during the Last War, including medics capable of operating on the field of battle. The house maintains hospitals across Khorvaire, and is a reliable source of quality healing, albeit at a hefty price.

House Jorasco has branched out beyond just healing the body – a small lake in their Vedykar enclave in Karrnath promises to heal the minds of veterans of the Last War, erasing their memories and leaving them with only the most elementary functions. Others in the house seek to heal Khorvaire itself, attacking the problem of the Mournland.

House Jorasco originated in the Talenta Plains, but now maintains holdings across Khorvaire.

104px kundarak  House Kundarak Primarily Dwarves. The Mark of Warding.

House Kundarak began as a clan of dwarves who voluntarily left a vast underground empire to watch over twelve dwarven clans exiled to the surface of Eberron. After centuries of separation, the coming of Karrn the Conqueror, triggered the discovery that the dwarven empire had long since been destroyed by fell creatures from Khyber. The house is quite possibly the wealthiest of the dragonmarked houses.

House Kundarak operates Khorvaire’s banking system, and thanks to the arcane marks of House Sivis, provide one of the few universally accepted ways of easily transferring wealth. Also, goods placed in a House Kundarak vault can be accessed from any House facility in Khorvaire.

Along with vast riches, House Kundarak are rumoured to maintain a diverse collection of powerful magical artifacts.

House Kundarak is strongly tied to the Mror Holds, with the seat of their power being Korunda Gate in the Ironroot Mountains.

109px dragonmarked house coa lyrandar  House Lyrandar Primarily half-elves. The Mark of Storm.

House Lyrandar control the elementals that power the incredible airships that cross the skies of Khorvaire with their Mark of Storm, as well as the less impressive but far more numerous elemental galleons that travel the seas of Eberron at much faster speeds.

House Lyrandar are best known for dominating air and sea travel, but also lend their control over the elements to improving the weather for farming… for a price.

They are also the house closest to directly flouting the Korth Edicts with their enclave of Stormhome on the northern coast of Aundair, and various holdings in Valenar.

105px medani  House Medani Primarily half-elves. The Mark of Detection.

House Medani are experts in counter-espionage and detecting the hidden. While House Medani distances itself from politicking among the great houses, it does have very strong ties to Breland, with over half its members being citizens of the nation, and having served as a defacto intelligence agency for the nation during the Last War.

Their role in detecting the hidden often brings tension between them and House Phiarlan and Thuranni. The protection they provide clients however has little enough overlap with House Deneith to avoid friction.

104px orien  House Orien Primarily human. The Mark of Passage.

House Orien dominates land travel across Khorvaire, and is spread across the Five Nations. Their most striking development is the Lightning Rail network (developed with the assistance of House Cannith and Zilargo elemental binders) which the House is looking to expand now that the Last War is over. They also maintain an extensive network of horse-drawn carriages whose travel speed is enhanced by magic.

House Orien’s First Step program, a new and bold response to the challenge of House Lyrandar’s airships, is attempting to create an expansive network of teleportation circles across Eberron. This is particularly bold given that teleportation is a relatively new and poorly understood magic, and sometimes even unreliable.

93px phiarlan  House Phiarlan Primarily elves and eladrin. The Mark of Shadow

House Phiarlan provides Khorvaire’s finest performers and artists, and boasts a history as rich or richer than their performances, harkening back to the times of elvish enslavement by the giants of Xen’drik.

House Phiarlan has holdings across the Five Nations, and its performers travel across the length and breadth of the continent (and beyond) to meet the demand for their services. House Phiarlan members are not only excellent storytellers, but also highly skilled at finding useful information.

House Phiarlan has strong ties to House Ghallanda, as House Phiarlan members often perform at House Ghallanda innns

95px 82926  House Sivis Primarily gnomes. The Mark Of Scribing

House Sivis are the masters of communication, and not just written. The house operates a traditional post office, a magical message service, and speaking stones to allow communication across vast distances. They also control the notary and accounting business, as well as housing the best barristers. House Sivis is well-noted for its impartiality, and love of bureaucracy.

House Sivis’ power is centered in Zilargo, with its ancestral citadel located in Korranberg.

96px tharashk  House Tharashk Primarily humans and half-orcs. The Mark of Finding

House Tharashk (a goblin word meaning ‘united’) was formed in the Shadow Marches after the Mark of Finding manifested. The house has a long history associated with finding, extracting and processing dragonshards, as well as providing inquisitives skilled at locating lost property and missing persons. After the founding of Droaam during the Last War, the house became a liaison between the Daughters of Sora Kell and the Five Nations, brokering monster mercenaries and putting them in direct competition with House Deneith.

House Tharashk’s power is focused strongly in the Shadow Marches, with their central holding in the city of Zarash’ak.

109px thuranni  House Thuranni Primarily elves and eladrin. The Mark of Shadow

House Thuranni was until very recently a family line that was part of House Phiarlan. Cloaked in rumour, an incident occurred between the family and the rest of the House that saw them narrowly avoid excoriation from House Phiarlan to create their own House.

Unsurprisingly, they are also skilled performers and artisans, and travel Khorvaire extensively, although their art is said to be somewhat darker. There are also whispered rumours that House Thuranni are all deadly assassins.

The House is strongest in northern and eastern Khorvaire.

100px vadalis  House Vadalis Primarily human. The Mark of Handling.

The most provincial of the dragonmarked houses, House Vadalis’s origin is in the Eldeen Reaches, with the manifestation of the Mark of Handling. They can often be found in places considered too small or remote to be noteworthy to other houses.

Their primary interest is in the selective breeding of animals, including exceptional creatures such as griffons and dragonhawks. House Vadalis magebred animals are exceptional quality, and highly sought after.

There are whispers of darker experiments being performed by House Vadalis as part of their magebreeding program, including magebreeding monstrous creatures and even humans. These have yet to amount to more than whispers however.

Dragonmarked Houses

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