• Alestair Desekane

    Alestair Desekane

    A veteran of The Last War, soldier of the Silver Flame and survivor of the bloodiest battle on Thrane soil. Dying of a magical illness he searches Khorvaire for a cure.
  • Breyten Sykes

    Breyten Sykes

    An Artificer fascinated by devices and other worlds, experienced beyond his years.
  • Calanon


    A half-elf with no past, but a quick temper and unexplained powers.
  • Rift


    A shifter just as home in the Feywild as in Eberron itself, with strong ties to the Winter Spire. Rift wields the elemental fury of storms and frost as her weapons.
  • Tallien Dorian Davandi

    Tallien Dorian Davandi

    A gnome of House Orien with a reputation for removing obstacles with great expediency